5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Sweater

It’s that slow time of the year, right between Christmas and New Year’s, when most of us go into hibernation mode. Despite getting the urge to get up and do something, we quickly realize that there will be days for being busy coming up and that these quiet wintery days are for self-care, for relaxation, for time with family.

What is a part of your self-care ritual? Is it a day at the spa? A home-cooked meal? A shopping spree?

Here at Meadow we can help you out by equipping you for all of the above. Day at the spa? We have amazing soaps, lotions and bath products, including a honey oatmeal bath milk. Home-cooked meal? We have a beautiful, holiday-themed tea towel to complement your delicious cooking. And as for the shopping spree, with the carefully curated collection of clothing, we got you covered for all occasions.

Today we wanted to highlight our bestselling sweater and show you five different ways to wear it, from cozy to chic. You may know it as our Dreamers sweater, even though this particular one is a different brand and it is slightly lighter. But the look and the fit is identical.


1. With plaid and jeans

Add a long necklace to complete the look

A classic PNW look yet a bit dressier than your typical plaid. Wear the sweater over it for a relaxed fit, or tuck a corner of it into your jeans to show off the waist line. Pair with ankle-length booties for a night out, or with sneakers for running errands - so easy to dress this outfit up or down.


2. With work pants and a turtle neck

A beautiful way to rock your sweater to work. Add our classic striped black pants, layer a turtleneck underneath and tie it all together with a chunky statement necklace. Comfortable, stylish and warm. Tuck in the sweater in the front of your pants to create a more silhouetted look.


3. With leggings and a vest

Plus an infinity scarf in a similar tone

Our Ponte pants are a step up from regular leggings as the material is thicker and sturdier, making you feel secure and comfortable while wearing them. They also have two stretch panels built into the sides, making these pants look very flattering on. Pair them with the sweater, add a soft, textured vest and a chunky infinity scarf to complete the look. Voila!


4. With a skirt and boots

We love this classy outfit both for work and play. Tuck in your sweater into the skirt to highlight your waist line, add a long necklace (like we did with the chevron one above) and throw on a chunky scarf to complement it all. Pair the outfit with a pair of boots or ankle booties and your sweater will never look better!


5. With a dress and a belt

A perfect combination for the holidays or everyday wear. Put the sweater over your favorite dress, whether fitted or flared, add a belt, a necklace and a scarf and you will be surprised how fresh and unique your sweater will look. For a bonus, try wearing a sparkly/shiny dress and see how your sweater shines!

What are your favorite ways to wear the Dreamers/Dreamer-like sweater? Send us a photo or tag us on Instagram - we would love to see your creativity and style.

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See you at Meadow this weekend!