Autumnal Hues to Love | This Week at Meadow

With every season what we wear reflects out surroundings. In summer we wear bright colors and vibrant hues, basking in the reflection the sun. In fall we mimick the earth in rich, warm browns, yellows, reds and deep blues. Part of the lovely transition between seasons is getting into your favorite colors for fall.

This week we have these lovely tones ready for you to wear. Take a look at our gorgeous cardigans in mustard, wine and deep red. Notice our cozy sweaters. And don't forget the dresses! Pair your favorite dress with a cozy sweater and a pair of sneakers for a chic, stylish and relaxed look.

Make sure to drop by this weekend and see what's new in our boutique. We always have more than we show in our blog, so you are bound to be pleasantly surprised by what you find here.

See you at Meadow soon!