Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

With Christmas only 10 days away, some of you have undoubtedly begun your gift shopping. Some of you may have even finished. Then there are some of us, and we include ourselves in this group, who woke up today and realized they haven’t even started contemplating what to get for whom and how to go about doing that.

Whether you are in the first group or the last, we got you covered.

The beauty of local small businesses is the meticulously curated collection of goods that reflects the neighborhood, the city, the state.

Meadow is a boutique like that. And, boy, do we have an amazing array of gifts to choose from! Here are just a few sample gift combinations we’ve put together.


Craft a present around one major item, say a warm sweater or a big soft scarf. We have a number of colors and styles to choose from and we are happy to help you pick. Add a pair of earrings and a necklace. Throw in a bar of our local Circle Creek Soaps (based out of Arlington, WA), a deliciously aromatic lotion, a candle to invigorate the senses and some fun matches to light it with. Voila! A perfectly curated present that will be very loved.


Our best recommendation is our personal care products - lotions and soaps that have an enchanting musk and are not too overwhelming for the men in our lives. You can always get a beautiful Christmas ornament to gift to your man, be it your dad or your brother. They will love thinking of you every year when they decorates the tree.


Do we have a selection for you! Adorable animal notebooks and journals (unicorns, cats, fawn, etc.), markers, erasers, pencils, coin purses, rings, you name it! Come check out our pink cabinet to see all the goodies that will make your little ones very happy.

Meadow is here for all your gift giving needs. Not only are you getting a unique, lovingly picked product but you are also supporting a small local business, so it’s a win-win!

Check out some of our gift giving ideas in the images below and come on over to see so many more items for yourself!

We are open on Saturday from 11-6 and Sunday from 12-5.

See you at Meadow!