Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Despite many of us being somewhat in denial about the arrival of winter, it was just a few days ago when so many of us stepped outside and felt a sharp drop in temperature that we finally faced the inevitable. Winter is not just coming, winter is here.

Unlike the many fur-lined creatures that graze the fabric of many of the shop’s new items - be it llamas, sloths or foxes - us humans have very little to warm us up when the digits on the thermometer drop into 40s and 30s.

Never fear! Here at Meadow we’ve been preparing just for this moment.

We have new items in stock that will make even the coldest day outside seem like a breeze. Festive and warm sweatshirts that feature llamas and mistletoe, sloths and foxes, and even kittens playfully chasing balls of yarn. A whole shelf full of new scarves - infinity and the regular kind - will make bundling up fun. We have fleece-lined leggings, warm turtlenecks and sweaters galore. And a number of soft, fuzzy cardigans that will allow you to sport your favorite fall and spring shirts without freezing.

With everything we have to show you, we can confidently say that once we bundle you up while still making you look fabulous, ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ will remain a song on the radio rather than your state of being while outdoors.

Come to Meadow and let us get you ready for winter! See you in the store this weekend!